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Meet the

award winning

film team behind

 The Unknown Sea

Captain Kevin Campion
Producer & Director
Alexi Osterhaus
Narrator & 
Science Intern
Shawnecee Schneider
Chief Mate 
Kris Day
Chief Scientist 
Jess Newley
The Crew


Produced by

Kevin Campion & Shawnecee Schneider

with DOF Media &  Silent Sun Films 

Narrated By Alexi Osterhaus

Editted By Matt Kazman, Ben Hamilton & Lexi Henigman 


Dr. Joe Gaydos 

Bert Webber 

Captain Eric Day

Kevin Campion

Shawnecee Schneider

Jessica Newley

Kris Day

Alexi Osterhaus

Gunnar Guddal 

Dana Haggerty

Music by Mike Giacolino
Mike Giacolino may not have the sea in his blood but he is as salty as they come.  Songs from Mike's album Broken Roads make up the musical score for The Unknown Sea.  We encourage everyone to buy his album, turn it up loud and pretend you're sailing.  That's what we do.
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